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Odessa x Rekloos Fragrance - 'Amber Woody'

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    Unisex wear / a Summer / Fall aroma 

    Top:  jasmine , saffron family ,(orange citrus )D limononene, 

    Heart : (fixative) evnlenoyl ,

    Base: ambergris accord , amber musk accord , cedarwood synthetics(sandelwood) 

    'Amber Woody  ' 

    Odessa is a  / Sandelwood /amber dominate smell. With these  accords in harmony it  Gives you a warm summer time / fall feeling. Not loud or heard from across the room as some strong aromatic fragrances. Odessa is a warm sweet intimate smell, meant to be noticed once in someone’s perimeter, a close to the body interaction that leaves a lasting impression. Odessa is inspired by Queens & Monsters Henry Rose.

    The vehicle is 70% alcohol , ( ethyl Denatured 40 ) 

    30 % oil. 

    Odessa has be tested & surveyed  for a year before going into market sale. In person surveys were done in Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa and Louisville. Main demographic or target crowd were male , however it has a liken by females because of its sweet smell but masculine woods that give it a relaxing and mellow feel.

    The alcohol Ethyl Alcohol Denatured 40-B 200

    Has been Diluted with distilled water to  70%. FDA approved Ethyl Alcohol is a common popular choice of carriers for some fragrance  houses. 

    The oil used is Jojoba oil, oil is used to give the notes a more lasting effect and really pairs well as the alcohol lifts and drys , the oil left typically stays for quite a while to give a lasting silage. 

    silage on Odessa 

    should last about 5 to 6 hours , depending on application of pulse points , and fabricate material.  Recommend places the oil on common pulse points I.e. side of neck, throat , chest and inside creases of the arm.  For maximum usage, non pulse points like a  T shirt , with the oil being a carrier it will stick and last for quite some time. Be mindful that oil does stain clothing. So to prevent stains place some in the hand and pat on the shirt , do not pour directly on clothing.  

    Recommended to store in a cool place upright.

    Overall goal for Odessa 

    My overall goal for Odessa is to bring a fun, sexy, confident experience for the audience of the brand.  I pride myself on being an artist in different times mediums,  so perfumery or building A perfume house brand  isn’t  the ultimate goal, but rather bringing more experiences , awareness to what I think is a lost sense. Helping to navigate the audience to 

    Find a niche smell that fits them, that uplifts them to being the most confident person  they can be in society.   I’m thankful, grateful for your support . 

    THIS FRAGRANCE IS ONLY EXCLUSIVE TO FORTS. Niche media brand REKLOOS , collabs with his families soap company to dive into Perfumery for a limited time.